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My name is Grace Love- my history is that one of a starving artist. I have been doing what I do for about 15 years. I started performing professionally in 2006 when I did my first musical. As of today I have done roughly 1000 shows. Music is at the center of my abilities yet there is so much I want to offer to the world. I have loved cooking since I can remember, and I have loved bringing people together for longer. I am undertaking as much as the universe is willing to give me. I have played with Melissa Etheridge, sat in with the California Honeydrops while on tour with Bonnie Raitt, and have been humbled by Quincy Jones sitting and enjoying my set. I feel most grounded in the Pacific Northwest and have been here a large majority of my life.  I am hoping you explore my site and find something you need for your soul, mind, and heart!

Add yourself to the once a month mailing list, come to the many events over the summer and most of all be encouraged to trust in your spark, you will light the world!


Jubilee Arts Festival


The Jubilee A Women-Run and Produced Arts Festival, comes to Port Townsend October, 2019

Artist Grace Love creates new Pacific Northwest Festival, allotting 80 percent of programming positions to women.

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PORT TOWNSEND, In October of 2019 the city of Port Townsend welcomes a new weekend-long festival to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The Jubilee will feature 20 local and international artists of different mediums, including Seminars, visual arts and music . However, the mission of the festival can be found behind the scenes, where the majority of programming and management positions are reserved for women.

“Women are too often overlooked for positions of power in the entertainment industry,” said Grace Love, festival director and founder. “This festival is designed to spotlight the talents of women of all definitions and every degree of melanin, not just onstage as artists, but offstage as producers, coordinators and curators.”

Love, a popular vocalist and performer in the Pacific Northwest, desired for years to create an outlet bigger than just her musical performance, she said. Now, with a team of eleven female entertainment industry professionals and a confirmed location and date, The Jubilee is set to dismantle the issue of gender diversity in the music and arts professions.

“Women are the biggest demographic involved in the art field,” said Love. “Yet we are still trying to push through the boundaries to control the content.”

The issue of female representation onstage has been apparent, with studies such as the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative showing women appearing in less than a quarter of the top 600 songs between 2012 and 2017. However behind the artists, women in important booking and management roles are just as rare. In Billboard’s 2018 Power 100, a list of the most influential in the industry, only 28 of the 162 people named are women.

Love is excited to bring the inclusive event to the public and change those statistics.

“If you look at the Women’s March and other protests across the country, you can see that we’re not going to stay silent anymore,” she said. “I want The Jubilee to feed that fire of demanding equality.”


Want to be apart of making jubilee happen there is a way to donate to the $50,000 cost to get it off the ground!


For multimedia assets or press inquiries, please email @jubileeartsfest@gmail.com Follow The Jubilee on Twitter at @jubileeartsfest, on Facebook at @jubileeartsfest and on Instagram at @jubileeartsfest. For more information about the festival, please visit jubileeartsfest.com

  COME OUT TO  THE KEG & I  when NADINE"S KITCHEN Debuts its Soul Food Thursdays in Chimacum, Wa.        

COME OUT TO THE KEG & I when NADINE"S KITCHEN Debuts its Soul Food Thursdays in Chimacum, Wa. 






My mother would feed you clothe you and hug you. I lost her just 3 months before my 21st birthday. I didn't get to say goodbye. Over the years the grief has been rough. In 2014 something amazing happened I launched Nadine's Kitchen- a love project of soul found and community. It was and has been a long road but it is so worth it. 

All fingers crossed Nadine's kitchen will come out of pop-up status and be a food trailer on the Olympic Peninsula in late fall of 2018. 

Keep an eye out for Soul food and good conversation.